Erasmus Scholarship: Joint Masters Degree in Europe

Any student who want to continue study further in foreign Universities. He/She needs to control his nerves and stay keep and calm. Dozens of universities provide opportunity to study abroad on fully funded scholarship. Some universities also give chance of study by students exchange programme. Erasmus scholarship is split degree joint masters program unlike DAAD scholarship which is full degree program from a single university.

All the required information regarding Erasmus Scholarship is given below.

Basic Requirements of Erasmus Scholarship

You have to write a cover letter to explain why you need this particular scholarship.

Give information of your educational achievements.

Be humble to deal with the school.

Express your good communication skills.

Show any quality that differ you from the rest of the candidates.

Write about your hobbies and some outside activities.

Be the man of principles and disciplines.

Keeping in the mind above points some other steps are here to follow.

Before going to abroad save enough money to enjoy the life besides study. Be the participants in cultural , curriculum activities, trips and other outside activities to explore your self.

Learn one or more local languages so that you can feel comfortable.

Do research about the country culture, environment, religion , education, transport system ,fashion, lifestyle and law. Respect the others religions and follow the law and orders of that country.

Choose suitable clothes and shoes according to the weather and climate of the country. How much it is suitable for you?

This scholarship has various dimensions. You can avail from Students Exchange programme. After the end of any program to avail the opportunity of further study is also available. Students from different countries can apply.

Definition of Erasmus Program

Since late 1980, this program is functional. Students can study at EU members countries for particular period of time. There is availability of different programs but it is specific for language skills programs. The benefits of this program is more than 5000 universities of 37 countries are part of this program. So, its global freedom of study of eligible students. Time period for this program is from 3 months to a year.

Eligibility Criteria for Erasmus Scholarship

For this, students who have completed their first year of degree or diploma program are eligible. They will be granted €250 to € 400 per month. Those candidates who stay for complete academic year are free from paying fee to it local university where they have completed first year. Where I can Study?

All countries that are part of European Union (EU) are eligible for you to study. For further information you to have contact with your university , college or school expert to know which institutes and countries you can apply for.

Erasmus plus

This program include, education,training and Sports of the candidates.

For more information you can visit Erasmus Scholarship website.

Wish you all the best !

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