PIEAS Fellowship Test General Portion Tips

A comprehensive guide to ace through PIEAS MS Test

What to prepare for the PIEAS Fellowship test?

PIEAS offers graduate-level (MS/M.Phil) fellowships to candidates from various disciplines. Candidates are expected to pass the PIEAS Fellowship test and upon clearing the written test, they have to appear in a technical and general interview.

Preparing irrelevant subject matter for years will have no significant effect on your test results. So, try to be focused, prepare well, and avoid far-flung rote learning. Here is the explanation outline of the Test as supplied by PIEAS:

The question paper is divided into two parts i.e. Part (A) and (B). There will be 50 questions in Part (A) and 50 Questions in Part (B). Part (A) is the general part to be attempted by all the candidates (except MBBS/Medical Sciences students) whereas Part (B) is the subject part having subject related questions. Only the subject paper relevant to the candidate’s academic background is to be attempted by a candidate. The candidate should mention the subject paper he/she is attempting by filling the appropriate section of the answer sheet. The maximum time allowed is 3 hours. Each question carries 3 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.

General Part of PIEAS Fellowship Test:

  1. It consists of three fields namely Mathematics, Physics and English.
  2. General Part must be attempted by all the candidates
  3. General Part will have 50 questions in all. 20 from Mathematics & Physics respectively and 10 from English
  4. Mathematics (Level F.Sc and B.Sc)

Topics: Basic Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Boolean Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices, Statistics

  • Physics (Level F.Sc and B.Sc)
  • English
  • Subject Part: It consists of 50 question from Electrical/Electronics/Telecommunication in the following proportion:
Electrical Engineering General (Circuit Analysis, Basic Electronics, Electricity and Magnetism, Digital Logic Design, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Measurement and Instrumentation, etc.)50%
Electrical Power Specialization (High Voltage Engineering, Power System Analysis, Power System Protection, Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, etc.50%
Sample Test Pattern for PIEAS Fellowship Test for Electrical Engineering

How to Prepare?

Mathematics: Prepare F.Sc Part 1 maths: Ch. 1 to Ch. 7 (Skip Trigonometry & 8th chapter). Each chapter is equally important and keep in mind that Test is numerical based. Memorize formulas and work out with calculations.
From F.Sc Part 2 Maths: Skip Ch. 5 and prepare remaining all 6 chapters (you may skip Ch. No. 6 too, but it’s better to prepare some basics of 6th chapter). Pay special attention to Ch. 2 & 3. Though each chapter shares equal importance in test, one or two questions are included from each chapter roughly.

Physics: Go through all the chapter of Physics F.Sc Part 1 and Part 2 books. Learn all the formulas and be good with calculations. Last 3,4 chapters of 2nd year Physics are important.

English: English has nothing to prepare because no specified course can be allotted for English preparation. This is the first portion of the General test consisting of 10 questions. 1st two are from comprehension, so they are easy. The next 3-4 are synonyms & antonyms, they’re easy too but confusing, tick them carefully. And remaining questions are correct form of verbs, prepositions or correction of grammar mistakes.

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