Sample LOR for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Sample LOR for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Erasmus+ LORs Samples

Here are the Letters of Reference (LOR) for Erasmus scholarship from which you can get an idea by reading these two. Those who are writing themselves can take a look. Letters of reference are extremely important for your selection to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program. Evaluation committee views the application holistically in which letters of references are one of the most important aspects. For you reference and guidance, we have included here the two sample LOR for Erasmus scholarship of a successful candidate.

Sample LOR for Erasmus Scholarship – 1

5. Include any additional information you consider pertinent regarding the professional, academic and human qualities of the candidate. Please complete and sign lower portion of form.

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Mr. Niazi and his accomplishments for admission to the WOP-P Master Program. Sohaib distinguished himself when he was the only student from his class who pursued the internship in the domain Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He portrayed keen interest in this field when he successfully submitted some really innovative projects in Ufone – a leading telecom company in Pakistan. One of the fascinating initiative was his work on compensation modelling which in my opinion was an excellent job. He also took an elective course in Human Resources Management in another department (Management Sciences) and got the highest grade (A) in it. This again depicted his academic and professional interest in this area of Psychology. On account of his academic distinctions throughout his degree, I would rank him as the top most undergraduate student in our department.

I also had the opportunity to see his participation in various academic activities in the department and at the university. His sense of responsibility is evident from the fact that he not only aced in his own studies but also used to facilitate the junior students in their studies. He used to orient all the incoming batches of our undergraduate program on an informal level. This is the reason he enjoys a general credibility in the department.

Sohaib has got good behavioral and organizational skills. He has been a key member of our “Mental Health Forum” in the past and effectively worked for the departmental society by organizing events and seminars. On the other hand, his practical approach during his internship progress presentation portrayed a significant amount of competence in the field of business psychology. Overall, I found him to be a thorough professional who is well on his way to become a truly valuable contributor in his field of interest. Not only that but he is a wonderful cricketer too! I have seen him playing for our university team and he loves to bowl. He also contributed in various social causes that I headed myself at the university being the student advisor. For example, he organized a Pakistan Red Crescent Society’s event during his International Relations course.

Without doubt, Sohaib is an exceptional candidate for this master program. Given the opportunity, he would definitely benefit from it and I am sure he would add great value lot to the overall experience of the other students and will have a positive impact on the community. His perseverance, clarity of goals, intellectual capacity and a strong background in Business Psychology indicates that he would perform top class in the graduate study as well. Therefore, I strongly recommend Sohaib for this WOP-P program. Regards

Sample LOR for Erasmus Scholarship – 2

 5. Include any additional information you consider pertinent regarding the professional, academic and human qualities of the candidate. Please complete and sign lower portion of form.

As a direct manager and supervisor of Sohaib, I have always found him to be dedicated and professionally upbeat. His integrity was unquestioned and he was very polite with the staff. Besides being a joy to work with, Sohaib is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas, work upon them and communicate the benefits. His passion and strength in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology is evident in his work performance. For instance, he made a significant contribution to the survey forms and questionnaires used by our HR department by rectifying their content and structure. He successfully enhanced their internal consistency reliability and construct validity, the changes were approved and appreciated by the management. Sohaib also independently completed a research based project on “Why Money is not always a motivator at work and its alternatives”. It described the best performance appraisal and compensation management practices. His work highlighted the need for a holistic approach in maintaining a high performance workforce. Sohaib worked as a facilitator in certain external trainings as well. Apart from his work responsibilities, he also used to orient and counsel the interns at our company and that reflected his potential as an influential business professional.

As far as his academic qualities are concerned, he always depicted a quest for knowledge. His stellar CGPA tells a lot about his academic brilliance and consistency in achievements in the study of Psychology. In his own selection interviews and also in personal discussions with him, I observed that his knowledge on the latest organizational and human resources related trends and issues was commendable. He was taking a course in Human Resources at university during his internship as well, which speaks for his intent to prosper in this field. I was happy to see that even before this internship, he had already completed two internships in the Human Resources department of two of the other well-known organizations from the FMCG and Housing sector.

I also appreciate his presentation and communication skills which I witnessed during his active participation in staff meetings, facilitating external trainings and during the organization of certain in-house events. One of the most useful behavioural skill that I observed in him was his ability to work with diverse teams in the sub-departments of HR. He was able to contribute well as a team member during the group tasks in OD.

His academic achievements combined with his professional commitment to the field of Organizational Psychology and Human resources make him a best fit for such a focused and high-quality graduate program. Based on his performance at Ufone and keeping in view my personal observations as well as his potential in this field I am totally confident that Sohaib will definitely make a very valuable asset to this WOP-P program like he Je to our company. Sohaib has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if some additional information is required. You can contact me through my contact number and e-mail address.

Final Word

I hope these sample LOR for Erasmus scholarship would help you in the preparation of you scholarship application for Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree program.

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