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DAAD Scholarship Applications for 2020-21

Find information about the DAAD scholarship application process, DAAD benefits and deadlines

Germany is one of the best study destinations for international students who want to pursue masters and doctoral degrees in their areas of research. Studying in Germany for the students of developing and underdeveloped states is not complicated when the education is sponsored by The Deutscher Akademischer Austaausch Dienst (DAAD) which stands for German Academic Exchange Service program. Just like USEFP and Fulbright Commission, DAAD is the organization that offers scholarships and gives the opportunity to study in Germany to the students around the globe. Students who get scholarships are funded by DAAD and get recourse to study in the best universities of Germany and acquire their degrees in German or English medium of instruction. DAAD scholarship applications are open each year and the deadline is around August, September each year.

DAAD offers scholarships with courses duration of more than 12 months (1 year) and less than 36 months (3 years). It proposes the following programs

  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters
  • Ph.D.

Though undergraduates are not eligible for DAAD scholarships. Other than educational degrees as a requirement, DAAD also mandates 2 years of professional experience in its eligibility measures.

Compensations Provided by DAAD Scholarship

As DAAD scholarship is giving the opportunity to obtain an education in Germany’s best universities, moreover it extends some grants and allowances to those who get approval for study in Germany from DAAD. A sponsored DAAD fellow receives handsome stipends, medical insurgence, travel allowance along with free education in a German university.

Financial Benefits delivered in DAAD Scholarship

  • Free study in Germany
  • Travel allowance
  • Free accommodation at university
  • Medical insurance
  • 750 Euros per month stipend for Post Graduate students
  • 1000 Euros per month stipend For Ph.D. students

DAAD Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree (six years of education) or equivalent is relatively capable for the application for DAAD Scholarship.
  • Students 2 years of professional background is also vital for pertaining DAAD scholarship.
  • However, English and German language prevails optional for the applicant.
  • Now applications are declared openly from the DAAD scholarships. To give boost your study status in the world of education, you are encouraged to apply in the DAAD scholarship program.

How to Prepare Your DAAD Scholarship Application

  1. Follow the Steps to apply for DAAD Scholarship
  2. Download the application form and assemble the updated information.
  3. Personalize your CV with Europa’s Specimen form and make your original signature on it.
  4. Handwritten motivation letter with your professional experience.
  5. Opinion Letter from your previous university is also required with application.
  6. Language command test is further required for applicants.
    • German language test is important for those students who apply for the degree and courses in German medium.
    • IELTS or TOEFL is necessary for the students who select courses in English medium but IELTS proficiency bands are set on the university’s own standards.
  7. The research proposal should be prepared. It may be ordered by the German university.
  8. Applicants for DAAD scholarships should apply directly to the university for degree courses.
  9. German universities offer 2 types of applications, one can provide solace to apply online and the other is to apply through post departments in the form of hard documents.
  10. A letter of professional citation from a previous employer is also required for the application of DAAD scholarship.
  11. Regarding your study course, the German universities may also expect any other specific document.

Exploring DAAD scholarship Opportunities and Deadline

Browse the German university information on the official website of DAAD scholarship applications to explore the details of the course and apply before the deadline. To get information about the deadline of popular universities in Germany must stay updated with the site.

The deadline for DAAD Scholarship applications varies for each program but normally it is by the end of August each year. And the application portal opens about six weeks before the application deadline. So, you must prepare the require material and documents before even the application portal opens.


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