Documents Required for Fulbright Scholarship 2020

Find the details of all the mandatory and optional Fulbright required documents

The deadline for Fulbright Scholarship 2020-21 have been increased to June 15, 2020 because of COVID-19. Thousands of aspirants are in the process of applying for the Fulbright scholarship to study for masters and PhD programs in the US universities. One of the most challenging task to apply for the Fulbright is getting to know the process to apply for the scholarship and the knowledge of all the Fulbright documents that are required to successfully apply for the scholarship. In this we have compiled a detailed list of Fulbright required documents during the application procedure. The list includes mandatory and option documents that may be uploaded during the application process.

List of Fulbright required documents to be uploaded in the application portal

Mandatory Documents

Bachelors (transcript)

If even the transcript isn’t available, upload the most recent result card, or a merged file of all the semester result cards so far. Attestation by HEC or university isn’t required. If degree is available, you can upload the degree. Otherwise, bachelor’s degree is required after final selection.

Scanned transcripts, including an explanation of the grading scale of the university issuing the degree should be uploaded. Normally, the explanation of grades is listed at the backside of the transcript, so remember to scan the transcript from both side and convert them into PDF file. Also note that HEC-attested documents are preferable with the application but degree and transcripts attested by the issuing authority will be acceptable at the time of application.

For PhD applicants, MS transcript

Same requirements as bachelror’s transcript/degree.

CV / Resume

A short CV/resume listing your educational qualification, professional/academic experience, awards and honors (academic, extra-curricular and profession), research experience and publications. Don’t worry if you don’t have any research experience, it is not required to apply for the Fulbright scholarship. Many Fulbright PhD awardees don’t have any significant research experience.

GRE General result / registration proof

You should have taken the GRE by the application deadline; so that you can upload your score card in the application portal. However, if you haven’t take the GRE by the application deadline, just upload the GRE registration slip in the online portal. Also, when you finish your GRE, do remember to send you GRE scores to USEFP and IIE through the GRE Test protal. The 4-digit code to send official score to USEFP is 3638 and to IIE is 2326.

You can register for GRE General at ETS Website. GRE is administered at 3 location in Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Look for the available dates after registering at ETS website.

Reference / Recommendation letters

Minimum 3, at least 1 academic & 1 professional) to submitted by the referees directly (either online or via post). It is highly recommended to submit recommendation letters through online portal. For this, you’ll enter email addresses of you referees. When you submit the application, they’ll receive an automated email to submit the recommendation letter for your Fulbright application. Remind your referees to submit the reference letters in time.

Optional Documents

You can upload optional documents with your Fulbright application. These documents are not required and their absense won’t impact your application negatively. Howeiver, if you have any significant research, volunteer or extra-curricular expeirence, you should upload these option docuements and these will help your overall application.

Work experience certificates

  • Certificates for extracurricular activities
  • Certificates for volunteering activities
  • Merit Certificate (academic distinction etc)
  • Bachelors degree
  • MS degree (PhD applicants only)
  • TOEFL result
  • GMAT result
  • GRE Subject result
  • Passport
  • Admission Offer(s) if any

Publication list has a separate section. If there is any abstract presented, oral, poster or presentation at any national/ international platform its proof can be attached in additional documentation section.

Documents Required after Final Selection by Fulbright Commission

After shortlisting for interview, the USEFP requires you to take the TOEFL test. If you haven’t take TOEFL by then, then USEFP requires you to immediately register for the test as you have to show the registration slip at the time of interview. After the final selection as a prinicipal candidate or an alternative candidates you have to submit following documents to the USEFP for submitting application to the US universities on the candidate’s behalf:

  • Attested copies of bachelor’s transcript and degrees (03 each)
  • Attested copies of master’s transcript and degrees (for PhD candidates only, 03 each)
  • Data pages of your passport
  • A Bio data sheet

Note about Attestation of Documents by HEC

The matric and intermediate degrees/transcripts are attested by the relevent BISE or FBISE and the equivalent certificates of O/Alevel by IBCC are attested by IBCC. This is not a pre-requisite by HEC for attestation of graduate and post-graduate transcripts and degrees. You can get your bachelor’s and master’s transcripts and degrees attested without attestation of matric and F.Sc marks sheets and degrees.

Final Words

This post lists the details of all the Fulbright required documents while applying for a fully-funded MS/PhD in the United States. The application portal has other prompts and personal data forms which you’ll have to fill to complete your application. The details of online application for Fulbright scholarship have already been discussed. A sample of Fulbright completed application of a successful applicant has been uploaded.

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  1. Do my referees can add digital signatures in fulbright reference letters as it is not possible for them to get a print and sign the letter by hand due to lockdown

    1. Yes, your referees can submit an online LOR for your Fulbright application. Your referees will receive a link in their email to submit a letter of reference for your application. Also, submission of LORs through online portal is the recommended mode as suggested by USEFP.

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